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High-Performance Motor- Offering Large Amounts of Torque

BLDC motor is an excellent option for applications that need high efficiency, high reliability, and a high power-to-volume ratio at an affordable price. Due to Brushless DC motors' efficiency and longevity, they are used in devices that run continuously. 

We can anticipate that Brushless DC motors will be used in a broader spectrum of applications in the coming future. For instance, they will probably be used to navigate service robots that offer services in multiple industries.

From a simple tool like a drill to a complex robot, all the machines use brushless DC motors that alter the electrical energy into rotational motion. Brushless DC motors offer numerous advantages over the Brushed DC motors. 

  • The unique working principle

  • High and Adjustable Speed

  • High Efficiency

  • Noiseless Operation

  • No Maintenance

  • High Starting Torque

Why Choose Us

Focus on Your Need

As a center of cutting-edge technology, we completely focus on understanding your needs and requirements to deliver you the best possible solution.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

We offer the most promising and cost-efficient solutions to meet or beat consumer application needs and requirements. 

Wide Range of Industries

We are specialized and renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Brushless DC motors and Frameless motors to a wide range of industries in the city. 

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our high-tech and experienced engineers provide you with a well-integrated design according to your requirement that excels in its efficiency, feasibility, and cost.

High Power, Ample Speed Range, and Unrivalled Service Life

Are you experiencing an electromagnetic challenge in your organization and unable to find anyone to resolve that?

Look no further! You are at the right place.

Even while operating at a very high speed, our fully customized Brushless DC motor helps you attain a trouble-free and prolonged life, as there is no mechanical commutation.

Brushless DC motors primarily work on three types of algorithms: sinusoidal commutation, trapezoidal commutation, and vector control. Each of them is implemented differently depending on the kind of software coding and hardware used.

Must-Have Parameters to Specify for a Customized Motor Solution

  • Size Requirement

  • Estimated Budget

  • Desired Speed

  • Required Torque

  • Load Mass & Inertia

  • Desired Acceleration


What People Say

Billy D. Wright

BMC motor do great work and deliver outstanding customer service. Moreover, the prices they offer are very reasonable.


BMC motor is very clear and organized. They always make sure that their engineers understand the complete requirement of the project in the initial meetings, so they don't need to make the changes in their final products. From the start to the end, the work is done perfectly within the estimated time. As an added advantage, their prices are pretty reasonable. I will definitely come to BMC motor for our next requirement.

Eugene L. Richardson

BMC Motor has proved itself as a valuable partner in our ambition to cater to our clients cost-effectively and timely manner during challenging times. We really appreciate and enjoy your partnership in crafting a success story.

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