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Our Products

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless high- speed motor is a highly efficient and cost-effective motors. There are no carbon brushes, hence no requirement for frequent replacements of brushes and maintenance. BLDC motors have better performance efficiency and produce less noise than brushed motors. It has little or no power loss and hit 90 percent efficiency margins. Applications of this motor include- heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electric vehicles, pumps, and laboratory equipment.

High efficiency brushless motors are compact in size and have lower inertia allowing a faster response. It has a better heat removal process as the heat generating element is on the outside of the motor. We take care of the quality of our motors so that clients get the best.


Electromagnetic Eddy Current Brakes

Electromagnetic Eddy Current Brakes rely on electromagnetism in order to stop objects from moving. It’s different from mechanical brakes that are based on friction and kinetic energy. Electromagnetic eddy current brakes are modern technology and are beneficial over mechanical brakes. They are low-maintenance as there is no physical contact between components. They are a popular choice because of numerous economic and physical advantages. Unlike friction brakes, they don’t produce any smell or air pollution, hence don’t release any metallic fragments into the environment. Eddy current brakes are finely controlled and relatively inexpensive; that’s why they are becoming hugely popular.

Frameless Torque Motor

A frameless torque motor is widely used for Index tables, Robot arms, Gimbals, and many other precision applications. There is a separate rotor and stator in it, which are assembled directly inside the machine. The rotor and stator are customized according to your machine so that they can easily adapt to the motor speed. It is precise, compact, and provides a smooth motion. The word frameless means the motor is without a frame, bearing, or housing. The big advantage of a frameless torque motor is the design choice and customization in the motor winding and speed adjustment. With frameless motors, there is a direct load connection, which eliminates the maintenance of belts, pulleys, or gearboxes.



Controllers are the most important component of the control system. Sophisticated controllers minimize the difference between the desired value and the actual value of the system. They are used in all complex control systems. Motor brushless controllers are essential in improving steady-state accuracy as they are greatly helpful in decreasing steady-state error. They are a great way to modify the system parameters to make it stable. The major parts of a controller include a measuring unit with instruments to measure process stats like pressure, temperature, etc. There is an input set-point device and a comparator to compare the measured value to that of the required value. The task of the control unit is to calculate the output magnitude and direction to compensate for the deviation. Output units include a control valve and a motor for converting the output to physical action.

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